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Se venden cascos y auriculares de las marcas:

Todos los modelos disponibles a PRECIO DE FÁBRICA.

Contacto al 652612226
(preguntar por César)

Si conoceis a alguien que quiera unos cascos a corto plazo pasadle el numero que por el precio renta =)


Y esta para el expositor

Dear Polaroid Customer,

Thank you for your recent email concerning your interest in Polaroid film cameras.

Polaroid has introduced the PIC-300 camera, which uses Polaroid 300 film, and will be introducing the Polaroid PIC-1000 later this year, which is a new point and shoot instant film camera, which will use Polaroid 600 compatible and Polaroid 1000 instant films. While there is no official release date yet, it will be released in the last quarter of 2010.  The prototype was features at the International Consumer Electronics Show in the US and the UK.

We were pleased to hear that the first newly produced Polaroid compatible instant films are becoming available.  The Impossible Project has begun manufacture of films under the Polaroid license, and has film available for cameras that use Polaroid Type 100, SX-70, Spectra and 600 films.    Contact http://www.the-impossible-project.com/ or call their New York City store at 1 (888) 250 - 6020 to find out more about ordering film and for more information future products.

If you still require assistance, please call us on our toll free customer service line during the hours listed below. When calling, please have your Polaroid product, fresh batteries (if applicable) and receipt with you.  If the question is regarding software or a connection issue, please be at your computer.   When you call, please tell the representative that you have contacted us before and give your phone number or email address so that we can quickly access your history.

Thank you for choosing Polaroid.  We look forward to helping you find a solution.